Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do You Want Multiple Income Streams?

I got this email from on behalf of BO SANCHEZ and I'm posting it here.

I attended this 2-day financial coaching seminar last Sept. 2009 and I have become a better person - financially and spiritually - after it.  

I continue to grow everyday.  And I am determined to keep it that way.  Why?  Because I am inspired now more than ever.  This is what it feels like to be LIVING everyday.  I am here for a purpose. :)

This seminar was the catalyst towards my call to action.

I will give an in-depth discussion on the seminar and how it changed my life in my future posts. 

For now, please read Bo Sanchez's invite and do make time for it.

Do You Want To Create Multiple Income Streams?

If you only have one income, you’re living dangerously. 
A job is great, but what if it fails you? 
You need to create multiple-income streams.
 It’s the secret of the rich. 

Join me in my 2-day Financial Coaching Program on November 19 and 29 and learn how to build one income stream after another. 
Before we run out of seats, sign up now. 
For more information, click the link below:

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

PS. Haven’t you noticed? Super successful people have a bias for action. When it comes to improving themselves, they spring to action. They act quickly. I urge you to act now.  Click the link below:
Bo Sanchez, 60 Chicago St., Cubao , Quezon City, Metro Manila 1109, Philippines

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mutual Funds: Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is a mutual fund?
-          A mutual fund is an investment company registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission.
-          The concept pools the money of different investors.  A professional fund manager invests the funds in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments and securities.

2.      Can I lose money in a mutual fund?
-          Yes.  Depending on uncontrollable market conditions.  But, mutual funds use various strategies to minimize these risks or paper losses.  Example: diversification, portfolio evaluation and regular rebalancing.

3.      How much interest do I earn as an investor?
-          Unlike traditional bank products, mutual funds do not give fixed-returns.  Returns are based on the difference between your buying price and the current Net Asset Value Per Share.  Market conditions play a major role in determining the annual returns of mutual funds.

4.      What happens if the fund manager performs poorly or goes bankrupt?
-          Technically, the investors simply need to vote for and appoint a new fund manager.  But, even if this happens the assets of the mutual funds will remain intact because the underlying instruments of mutual funds are all marketable securities.

5.      What prevents the fund manager from running away with investors’ money?
-          Mutual funds are structured in a manner that protects the interest of its shareholders.  The fund manager does not have any control over the physical assets of a mutual fund except to make buying and selling decisions.  The mutual fund assets are held by a custodian bank, appointed by the shareholders during annual shareholders meeting.  Aside from these, by law mutual funds should also appoint a separate transfer agent to keep track all shareholder records as well a third party auditing firm to ensure check and balance.

6.      What happens to my investment if I die?
-          Mutual fund shares form part of your estate and will be distributed accordingly to your heirs (usually surviving spouse and children).  It is recommended to assign a co-investor upon opening a mutual fund account to avoid complications in the future.

7.      Can I dictate what instruments to buy or sell?
-          No.  The fund managers will follow the investment parameters indicated in the fund’s prospectus.  Therefore he is the one who decides where to invest the mutual funds.  He is backed-up by a research team who feeds him valuable information and market research to help come up with the best decision and once final transactions are being executed by seasoned “traders”.

8.      What’s in it for the fund manager?
-          Fund management companies earn through “management fees”.  These fees are amortized daily therefore have a minimal impact on the NAVPS.  The amount varies but normally ranges from 1.5% to 3% of the total assets per year.  Note that the NAVPS that are published are already net of these fees.

9.      Are mutual fund gains taxable?
-          No.  Mutual fund gains are exempted from the 20% withholding tax based on the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) of 1997.  This was done to promote long-term savings in the country.

10.  Aside from Management fees, are there other “hidden charges” in mutual funds?
-          All Mutual funds have sales load schedules.  These are discussed and indicated in the funds’ brochures and prospectuses, therefore are not “hidden charges”.   Entry fees are charged outrightly upon acquisition of mutual fund shares while exit fees apply only when a shareholder did not stay with the mutual fund for the recommended term.  For entry fees, the amount varies but normally ranges from .25% to 5% of the investment amount and for exit fees from .50%-1.50%. 

11.  How long is the holding period?
-          Mutual funds are very liquid investments therefore technically do not follow “strict” holding periods.  These means that shareholders can actually sell their mutual fund shares in any banking day.  However, based on experience and having a better understanding of the behavior of the market, fund managers provide suggestions  or recommendations as to how long it will be wise to stay invested in order for shareholders to avoid risks at the same time maximize returns.

12.  Where will the money be invested?
-          Mutual funds are invested in baskets of securities that vary depending on the type of mutual fund.  Hence if you choose an Equity fund, this is invested mainly in listed stocks, often blue chip companies (90% maximum).   A Bond or Fixed-Income fund, in contrast, invests exclusively on interest-bearing instruments.  A mutual fund’s investment universe, including restrictions and risks, can be found in the fund’s prospectus.  Mutual funds cater to all types of investors:  conservative, moderate and aggressive.

13.  What are the typical requirements?
-          Photocopy of 2 government-issued IDs, Tax Identification Number, Social Security Services Number, 2 Signature Cards, Investment Application Form and Account Opening Form.

14.  Are foreigners or minors allowed to invest?
-          Yes.  Foreigners are allowed to invest.  For minors, they need to have a co-investor who is of legal age to act as their “guardian”.

15.  What are the payment options?
-          Cash or check (payable to the name of the mutual fund of choice) or direct deposit to the mutual fund’s specific bank account (attach original deposit slip to the investment application form).

16.  Are there cut-offs?
-          Yes.  On or before 12:00 noon in order to credit your investment the same banking day.  Otherwise, considered booked the following banking day.

17.  What is the proof of investment?
-          Upon submitting your investment, a Provisional receipt will be issued.  Within 15 banking days, a Confirmation Notice or Receipt will be sent to your mailing address.

18.  How do we get updates?
-          A statement of account will be sent every quarter to give you a status of your investment.

19.  How to redeem?
-          Redemption is as easy as investing.  You simply have to accomplish a Redemption Request Form and a Stock Assignment Form, surrender your Confirmation Notice or Receipt and wait for it to be processed not more than 7 banking days.

Source:  RSA

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Mutual Fundness - I'm in it For The Long Haul

Among all investment products, I am deeply, madly, passionately in love with mutual funds.  

In fact, I invested 50% of my hard-earned money in mutual funds.  

Prior to this, my money was placed in a bank through time deposit.  The highest interest I got from time deposit was 3.3% net and I was already very pleased.  I had this confident assurance before that my money won’t vanish into thin air since it was insured.  I was happy and content……But then, my financial wisdom increased and mutual funds was my very first investment.

“I’m in it for the Long Haul” – Like my stock investment, my mutual fund investment is long-term.  No, I will not wait in terms of  target prices but in terms of years. 

Based on my financial planner training, my mutual fund investment is my retirement fund.  In that way, I do not have to depend on my SSS pension or my employment retirement because I already started investing for my future.  

Besides, gone are the days when companies took care of their employees up to retirement.

I hope that you will also find your own vehicle for your retirement fund.  Do not delay. Now is the time!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mutual Fundness

This post is entitled Mutual Fundness because I have developed a deep relationship with mutual funds. 

Like what I mentioned in my previous posts, Bo Sanchez was instrumental in my financial growth after reading his book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich (How It All Began)

Soon after, I attended his seminars on financial coaching.  It was during that time that I first learned about mutual funds. 

What are Mutual Funds?

These are investment companies that pool money from numerous investors, with the same investment objective.  Through the issuance of its shares to the public, the pooled funds are then invested by professional fund managers in a diversified portfolio of securities or investment instruments.  
Source: ICAP.

Types of Mutual Funds

shares of stocks; "equity funds"
capital growth
stocks &
medium to long -term for moderate investors
fixed-income instruments
stability plus
reasonable growth
short-term fixed-income instruments
stability plus
minimal growth

Benefits of Mutual Funds
  • Diversification
  • Tax-Exempt
  •  Professional Fund Management
  • Affordability
  • Liquidity
  • Safety (Regulation and Disclosure)
  • Convenience 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October To November Seminars of Colyaco Foundation

Ever since I became financially literate, one of the things I like to do is attending seminars.  Seminars always fill up my wisdom tank.  

Of course, one should always be open to new ideas whenever he/she is attending.  

As they say, you cannot fill up a glass that's already full.  

So free your mind and be a student again. 

Education is never-ending even for grown-ups like us.  

So take every opportunity to improve yourself through new knowledge.  

There are so many ways of doing this and  attending seminars is one of them.  
Here is a list of October - November Seminars of Colayco Foundatio.

I am re-posting  this from Colayco Foundation's Website (CFE) so I am sharing them with you.

Call 637 3731 or 637 3741 to avail of discounts and to reserve your slot!

InvestEd: Real Estate 101

October 14, 2010
Regular Learning Fee: Php4000

Who: Ideal for first time real estate buyers and who would like beginner level introduction to investing in real estate.
Why: This seminar will equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them be successful in purchasing property for yourself or make good decisions when purchasing property whether for yourself or as an investment, you need proper information about financial planning, legalities, documentation and the like.

The Stock Market

October 19, 2010
Philippine Stock Exchange, Tower 1, Ayala Ave. Makati City
Regular Learning Fee: Php2000

Who: Ideal for those who are considering stock investing and would like an unbiased view of the pros and cons of stock investing in lay-mans terms.

Why: Stock investing is complicated but it is also a viable instrument for growing your wealth. This seminar will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need for purpose driven investing. It will also introduce the what, why and how of investing in the stock market.

Wealth Within Your Reach

October 23, 2010
Social Hall, 7/F Citystate Bldg. 709 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City
Regular Learning Fee: Php1000

Who: Ideal for individuals who would like to take control of their finances. Because money management is a family affair, the seminar is also ideal for couples.

Why: This seminar will equip you with the basics of proper money management – spending, savings, planning and investing. It will help you make sense of their financial goals in life and introduce instruments, which will help you achieve it.

INVESTability: Mutual Funds

October 27, 2010
19/F PS Bank Bldg, Paseo de Roxas Ave. Makati City
Regular Learning Fee: Php2000

Who: Ideal for those who are considering investing in mutual funds and would like an unbiased view of the pros and cons of investing in mutual funds in lay-mans terms.

Why: Mutual Funds are considered the greatest democratizer of investment instruments. You can start investing for Php5000. But since it is not common knowledge, many people are skeptical.

Wealth Within Your Reach

November 13, 2010
Social Hall, 7/F Citystate Bldg. 709 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City
Regular Learning Fee: Php1000

Who: Ideal for individuals who would like to take control of their finances. Because money management is a family affair, the seminar is also ideal for couples.

Why: This seminar will equip you with the basics of proper money management – spending, savings, planning and investing. It will help you make sense of their financial goals in life and introduce instruments, which will help you achieve it.

Fixed Income Instruments

November 18, 2010
Regular Learning Fee: Php2000

Who: Ideal for those who are considering investing in time deposit accounts, corporate bonds or government securities would like an unbiased view of the pros and cons of investing in fixed income instruments in lay-mans terms.

Why: Fixed income instruments can give fixed returns over a set period of time. Often considered least risky, This seminar will introduce the what, why and how of investing in fixed income instruments. It will also equip you with the tools they need for purpose driven investing in fixed income instruments.

INVESTability: Mutual Funds

November 26, 2010
19/F PS Bank Bldg, Paseo de Roxas Ave. Makati City
Regular Learning Fee: Php200

Who: Ideal for those who are considering investing in mutual funds and would like an unbiased view of the pros and cons of investing in mutual funds in lay-mans terms.

Why: Mutual Funds are considered the greatest democratizer of investment instruments. You can start investing for Php5000. But since it is not common knowledge, many people are skeptical.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Start Of My Mutual Fund Journey

Francisco Colayco’s books helped me a lot in understanding the benefits of mutual funds.  When I started investing, I still have doubts and questions but I kept on investing anyway.  My questions were answered through constant research and Colayco’s books.  

P.S.I still have to find more books on mutual funds in the Philippine setting.  Do you have suggestions?  I am currently reading John Bogle’s Common Sense on Mutual Funds but it is only applicable in the US and the author is encouraging index funds.  Quite different here.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mr. Francisco Colayco

My very first Colayco Foundation seminar was entitled Investability in the Stock Market. It was about basic trading strategies and expounded on how to choose stocks to invest in.


Just to give you some information on Mr. Francisco Colayco from his Facebook page.


Mr. Francisco Colayco is the Chairman of the COLAYCO FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION (CFE) Website a non-profit organization that he founded in 2001 that pioneered that promotion of financial literacy in the country.

Today, CFE is the prime mover of the financial literacy movement as it continues to open the minds of millions of Filipinos on the need to obtain secure financial futures for themselves and their families.

CFE teaches Filipinos how to manage their hard-earned income through wise spending, proper planning, saving and investing.


I'm sharing this with you so that you will know more mentors on your journey to financial freedom.


P.S. How about you? Who are your mentors on this journey?






Saturday, October 9, 2010

Conquer Your Fears And Start Wishing (From

Imagine that you just arrived in a foreign country.
And you got lost.
And worse, when you checked your wallet, you ran out of money.
And you’re starving. 
You haven’t had food the whole day.
So you walk into to a giant food area. 
Around you are various food stalls selling hot congee, steaming noodles, and giant sandwiches.
Your mouth waters.
So you decide to ask for free food.
You rehearse your speech: “I’m from the Philippines. I just arrived yesterday. I’m lost. Can you spare me some food? I don’t have money with me.”
But then something stops you.
It’s an emotion you know very well.
You think to yourself, “What if they don’t believe me? What if they think I’m just fooling them? What if they think I’m just a con artist looking for a free meal?”
So you throw away the plan. 
You try to find your way home instead, leaving the food stalls, overflowing with food.
Three Fears That Can Stop You From Success
       Fear is a powerful thing.
       The reason why you don’t ask is because various fears:
1. You fear rejection.
       Rejection stings.
       Someone says, “I can’t help you.”
       But instead, you hear the words, “I don’t like you.”
       2. You fear disappointment.
       Disappointment can crush you.
       So you lower your expectations by not asking.
       3. You fear you’re not worthy.
       A poor self-image will keep you from asking.
       You think you don’t deserve to be helped by others.
       But here’s a basic Law of life: If you want to get what you want, you have to conquer your fears.
What Happens When You Ask
       Let’s go back to the example above.
       You decide to feel your fear—and ask anyway!
       You approach ten food stalls one after another.
       Nine food stalls owners drive you away and curse you in three different languages you don’t understand.
       But the last one, a kindly old man named Mr. Chan said “yes”. He gives you food with a gentle grandfatherly smile.
       You slurp it up like a dog.
       Mr. Chan was moved with pity, he even gives you bus money and directions how to go back to where you are staying.
       The next day, you come back to pay him.
       He declines, saying he really likes helping people. 
He then introduces you to the other Store Owners who are now apologizing to you. You brush your hand and say it was nothing.
       You gain a few friends in the giant food center.
       You tell them that you cook delicious adobo and wondered if they could sell it for you. Three storeowners agreed.
       You make your first delivery and it was a big hit.
       After one year, you also marry Mr. Chan’s handsome son named Jackie, but that’s another story altogether.
It pays to ask.
Being rejected nine times out of ten is okay, hmm?
Join Me At The Feast
       If you want to learn the power of wishing and how to fulfill your hearts desires, join me.
We’re starting a new 4-part series called Wish! at our weekly gathering, The Feast.
       Join me and change your life forever.
       I’m personally inviting you to get into this new series and redirect your destiny.
       Where is The Feast?
       I lead the one in PICC, Plenary Hall, every Sunday.
       We’ve got two sessions to choose from: 8am and 10:45am.
       By the way, you don’t pay anything to get in. 
Nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilcho.
Except your presence, your time, and your openness to the exciting things that God will do in your life.
Other Feasts In Metro Manila
and Beyond
       There are other Feasts that are held in various places in Metro Manila and suburbs, led by my dearest friends and the most fantastic lay preachers in the country. They too will be giving the series, Wish!, starting this week.
       For information on times and places, email Annie at  Or call up (02) 7259999.
Friend, join me at The Feast.
And get ready for a slam-bang, out-of-the-world, inspiring, life-altering series that will bless you forever.
       May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez
PS. Warning! If you’re not ready to be exceedingly blessed, don’t come. But if you want a river of blessings to enter your life, join me at The Feast. For more information, email Annie at or call (02) 7259999 now!
PS2. Not In Manila?  Living Abroad? I’ve created two online experiences that will make you grow in your personal life: (Best thing? They’re Free.)
First, get inspiring Bible reflections everyday plus Kerygma magazine online.   Sign up at now!
Second, get twice-a-week personal “whispers from God” that will blow you away by their sheer simplicity and power.   Sign up at now!





Be Blessed!

Bo Sanchez made a great impact in my life and I want you to experience it yourself by listening or reading stuff he writes about.  

His sites are posted below (Conquer Your Fears And Start Wishing from and please subscribe to all of them!  

The Daily Bible Reflections are a good way to start your day and the God Whispers are truly God's messages.  

So embrace each one!  I know you will be blessed!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Download PSE Primer Entitled "Building Wealth With Stocks"

Here is a link to download PSE's Basic Guide To Investing in the Philippine Stock Market.  Don't worry,  it's easy to understand.  Just breeze through the parts that seem too technical.  What's important is you keep on reading.  Better yet, ask me your questions and I will do my best to answer them.





Sunday, October 3, 2010

Come and Join Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club!

After attending  Bo Sanchez’s financial coaching seminar last Sept 2009,  I was ready to learn more about building wealth. So I decided to enroll in The Truly Rich Club last March 2010.  It is an exclusive club with a monthly membership fee of Php499.00.

Why did it take me six months after to enroll?  Well, that time, Php499.00 was too pricey for me.  I felt that I can do my own research and read books at my own pace.

But my “own research” lead to nowhere because I don’t know where to start since lot of information is out there! Plus, I was lazy! No one was guiding me and the people around me - family, friends, office mates  are as clueless as I  was. I was seeking answers from wrong people!  I realized that my financial wisdom needs to grow more so I finally enrolled in the club.  Php 499.00 is a lot of money but I am paying for my own education. 

Upon enrollment, the bonuses came flooding in!  This is what I wrote in my goal journal, “Subscribed to Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club this March and wow!  I've learned 30 years worth of life lessons in four days.” 

I receive ebooks, audio/ MP3 powertalks, God Whispers,  weekly wealth strategies and stocks update . But more than all of these, the knowledge I get from the club is definitely priceless! 

Ebooks are given to members for free.  These are the best-selling books of Bo Sanchez.  The last bonus I got was “Choose To Be Wealthy.”  Incidentally, it is also his latest book.  And he gave it to Truly Rich Club members for free!

Powertalks serve as my motivation.  The talks are by Bo Sanchez himself and   you can easily download them.  As you know, he is one of the great preachers in our country today.  So he will fill you with spiritual stories that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

The meat of the package are the wealth strategies and stocks update.  These are investment advice that you must do to build wealth. I refer to them as my call to action.   He offers different advice on investments, how to run your team, how to be  an effective leader,  lifestyles and ways of the truly rich and  a lot more.  His articles can be applied in your office, business and personal lives as well. 

His stocks update make it easier for me to understand the stock market.  He explains everything in simple, plain words.  I invested in the stock market because of him and follow his stocks update. In fact, the stocks I bought have already increased their prices (average of 24%).

I highly recommend The Truly Rich Club to those who want to expand their financial I.Q.  The Php499.99 monthly membership fee is spare change compared to the knowledge you will gain.  Plus, your money will grow!  Knowledge is a pre-requisite in building wealth.  Come and join!

So dear friends, are you ready for a great change in your financial life?  I encourage you click this link: